Representatives on negotiation, mediation and litigation

The scope of legal consultation in civil matters provided by LegalLink focuses on land, civil transactions, marriage and family, inheritance issues.

Our main legal services include:

Land law: consultation on procedures on land, construction, preparation of documents for issuance of certificate of land use rights, certificate of ownership of houses, permission for change of land use purpose, permission for construction…

Legal consultation on land law: land use plan, land clearance, compensation, support for resettlement.

Legal consultation for civil matters: contract on sale of property, contract on exchange of property, contract on gift property, contract on loan property, contract on rent property, contract on borrow property, contract on bailment of property, contract on service, contract on transportation, contract on processing, contract on insurance, contract on mandate, promise of reward and competition for prizes;

Legal consultation on transaction to secure the performance of civil obligations: pledge of property, mortgage of property, deposit, security collateral, escrow account, guaranty, pledge of trust;

Legal consultation on civil transaction such as representatives, mandate; performance of task without authorization, compensation for damage outside contract…

Legal consultation on domestic marital registration domestic and marital registration with foreign elements, common property, separate property of husband and wife; division of common property during marriage period;

Legal consultation on divorce procedures: marriage relation, property relation, division of rights and obligations to take care of and educate children;

Legal consultation on identification of rights and obligations between parents and children; among members of family; raising adopted children in the country and raising adopted children with foreign elements; identifying of father, mother for children or identifying children for father, mother; support procedures, guardian among members of family.

Legal consultation on inheritance, division of estate;

Represent client on civil disputes: disputes relating to land, divorce, inheritance;

With experience and expertise of consultation on land, inheritance, marriage and family law, our team of lawyers shall always support clients in daily matters through the provision of legal services.

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