Welcome to LegaLink


LegalLink is one of the first Law Firms established and operated under the Law on Lawyers issued by the National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam. With a team of professional, experienced, whole-hearted Lawyers and close collaboration of leading experts in studying, executing and applying laws.

LegalLink had provided and will provide clients with services in the fields of: Litigation, Legal advice, Representation of intellectual property. Good prestige and quality of LegalLink’s services has been confirmed by our clients:

LegalLink’s a professional team of lawyers”


LegalLink  has a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers with professional practice to ensure quality legal services for customers.


LegalLink  always strives to become one of the leading professional Law Firms in Vietnam, serving the benefit of customers as well as for the development of the community.


With experience and expertise, lawyer team of LegalLink try our best endeavor to protect legitimate rights and interests of clients and commit to provide exceptional services to clients.

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